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Grant BajereWeb Developer / Designer

A Talented Freelancer Located In Bristol

  • Date of Birth : 27/01/1986
  • Place of Birth : Bristol, UK.
  • Driving Licence : Full UK Licence.



2008 - 2017

Freelancer – Various (Under Pixel Funnel Ltd)

Freelancing as Web developer working for various design agencies, and on personally sourced jobs. Projects ranging from small local companies such as, Maze Clothing and Cubex Land, to companies like Google, Admiral, and Coka-Cola.

I have listed some contracts below. Roles that were undertaken as an employed staff are marked with an asterisk.

2017 - 2017

AngularJS Developer – Torchbox

Creating an AngularJS app for Pennsylvania University, Philadelphia. The app was created for ‘Giving’, which is where people can give money and other gifts to various departments across the university. For this app, I decided to go with ES6 and worked with classes. Full unit testing and responsive sass was also carried out. I also had the chance to use a Postgres backend for the first time which was fun.

2017 - 2017

Frontend Designer - Developer – iRelo

Short contract to design and build a data capture user journey for an alarm company. The design had heavy animation and a very direct journey to get the user to the end as quickly as possible. Once designed, I created the web page in AngularJS to make good use of the binding and loading features.

2017 - 2017

​PhoneGap Developer – DotLabel

Not a lot can be said about this project as it’s under an NDA, but the small information app was created in AngularJs and combined with PhoneGap to produce apps for iOS and Android. I was brought in as this needed a quick turn around. The app consisted of 4 different parallax experiences linked together via a central navigation.

2016 - 2017

AngularJS Developer – Admiral Car Insurance

I was brought into Admiral to kick off a new dashboard app for their Telematics products. The app displays data taken from the black boxes installed in the customer's car. Different gauges, graphs and tables were used, and the entire app runs off of a configuration system I devised. This allowed the business to update the layout and the content of the app without making a change request to alter the build! The app was built in AngularJS, using many tools for development in Gulp. I also implemented a Yeoman Generator to ensure that all future code will stick to the same style and layout. Alongside the development of the frontend code, development of unit, e2e and visual tests were also created. Mocha, Chai, Protractor and BackstopJS are the tools selected for this job.

2016 - 2016

Frontend Developer – ISM Games

This was a great chance to ‘see behind the curtain’ on a game I have played for years, The Official Premier League Fantasy Football app. I got to work on different games and had input on various aspects of the design. ISM build all games in BackboneJs, so this has given me the opportunity to learn the structure of large Backbone projects. All the front end work was completed with HTML and SASS inside of the Django Templating system.

2016 - 2016

AngularJS Developer – Wazoku

Adding features to the Idea Management tool, that Wazoku sell all over the world, to companies such as Microsoft, BBC and Aviva amongst others. This was a python project with a frontend fully built on AngularJs. Along with the new features, I also had the chance to refactor and debug parts of the app, which was a nice challenge.

2016 - 2016

Frontend Developer – Nomensa

Due to Nomensa being a market leader in building accessible web sites, Public Health of England requested a project from them. I spent the contract working on the front end of a Django build for an Alpha project. Not much can be disclosed on this project. But the technology I used was HTML5, Less and AngularJs. The project sat on top of Django CMS, and I worked directly on the HTML templating system. It also gave me a chance to work with the .gov GDS framework.

2015 - 2016

Frontend Developer and Designer – Open to Export

The project i worked on whilst at Hibu has now become its own company due to its success. This time around I worked on giving the site a new look and feel, whilst expanding both the admin area and the user facing content. AngularJs is being used for the admin system and HTML5, JS and SASS for the site. It is still working on the Freemarker MVC system.

2015 - 2015

Frontend Developer – @Google

Took on an Interesting project where I had to GPS track a bicycle around Switzerland and plot the route on a Google Map. I then proceeded to pull images that cyclist took on his trip, and dropped them into the route for user to view. All work done in HTML5, JS and SASS

2015 - 2015

Wordpress Developer – Every Interaction

Contracted to build WordPress sites for several projects. All work was done in HTML5, PHP, SASS and JavaScript code written with AngularJS and jQuery. Each site was fully responsive.


Front end Developer – *Vouchercloud

Designing and developing websites and mobile sites. All work done in HTML5,CSS3 and JS.


UX/UI Designer and Developer – *

UI / Front end developer for Hibu/Yell Group products using the latest technologies and methods.

  • Simple maintenance.
  • Mobile Version. Added to the team to help bug fix and add features to the new and improved smart phone version of An excellent HTML5 project to be involved in, and really helped my mobile website development skills.
  • Built from scratch on the WordPress platform, I was the single Yell UI developer on the project. This project allowed me to work with people in other countries and city’s to produce a very content rich site. This project has now been release to the Yell marketing team to maintain and improve on.
  • Taking the single UI developer spot on this project, I will be moving the site from it’s current beta state into its full featured system. Designing an all new look and feel for the site, and tackling user interface design challenges.


Multimedia designer – *Ice Creative Ltd

Working as a Multimedia designer, designing and building new web sites and emailers in HTML/CSS and Flash. I also produced interactive catalogues and instructional CD-ROMs including sound. I was the sole designer for the department, and had to over see other employees that were involved in a project. (ie photography, packaging etc)


Web designer – *Kubiak Creative Ltd

Web design was my main duty. Designing, building and maintaining new sites in HTML/CSS and Flash. I also worked on CD/DVD projects, this allowed me to edit video and build animations. Another part of this role was to create emailers for promotion of new products or sites. I had to design, then build the emailer to render correctly in all mail programmes and web browsers.


Designer – *Cosmic Pearl Ltd

Whilst at university I worked part- time for a company designing websites, banners and other items to be used on various sites. This job required me to use Dreamweaver and Photoshop considerably, and also use HTML and CSS to code the sites.



Interactive Media BA(hons) – University of Wales


Higher National Diploma (HND) Multimedia – City of Bristol College (College Green)


Digital Imagery (Adobe Photoshop) – City of Bristol College (College Green)


BTEC National Diploma (ND) IT practitioners – City of Bristol College (Brunel)

Programming Skills


  • CSS/CSS3

  • Responsive Sites

  • Yeoman Generator

  • AngularJS

  • JavaScript

  • Protractor

  • Express

  • Mocha

  • Chai

  • FreeMarker MVC

  • WordPress

  • PHP

Related Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Agile Scrum development process

  • Experience with Content Management Systems

  • Time & project Management

  • Client liaison


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